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ASP:Server Application Error解决办法

系统运维2006-11-11 itlogger阅读(1,143) 评论(1)



运行ASP程序提示如下“Server Application Error

The server has encountered an error while loading an application during the processing of your request. Please refer to the event log for more detail information. Please contact the server administrator for assistance.”


“服务器无法加载应用程序 ‘/LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT’。错误是 ‘不支持此接口’。

有关此消息的详细信息,请访问 Microsoft 联机支持站点: http://www.microsoft.com/contentredirect.asp。

有关更多信息,请参阅在 http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp 的帮助和支持中心。”


1. Rename the %WinDir%System32Clbcatq.dll file to %WinDir%System32~Clbcatq.dll. Make sure that you include the tilde (~) at the start of the file name.

2. Restart the computer.

3. Start Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe).

4. Locate and delete the following key in the registry:


5. At a command prompt, type cd %windir%, and then press ENTER.

6. At a command prompt, type rmdir /s Registration, and then press ENTER. This is the location folder of the registration database.

Note If you have MS04-012 installed, you must now re-install MS04-012. For additional information about security update MS04-012, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

828741 MS04-012: Cumulative Update for Microsoft RPC/DCOM

7. Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

8. Double-click Add/Remove Programs, and then click Add/Remove Windows Components.

9. Click Next to go through the reinstallation process, to reinstall COM+.



As a last resort, you can re-create the IIS packages. To do this, follow these steps:

Browse to Component Services and delete the following packages:NOTE: To delete the packages, you must first open the properties of the package, click the Advanced tab, and then click to clear the Disable Deletion check box.

IIS In-Process Applications

IIS Out-of-Process Pooled Applications

IIS Utilities

Open a command prompt, and then use the following command to switch directories:

cd %windir%system32inetsrv

Run the following commands:

rundll32 wamreg.dll, CreateIISPackage

NOTE: “CreateIISPackage” must be typed exactly; it is case-sensitive.

regsvr32 asptxn.dll

Close and reopen Component Services. You should see all three IIS COM+ applications that have been recreated.

Run IISRESET from a command line and test any ASP page that previously did not load correctly.

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