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Security Fundamentals

网络运维2005-04-11 itlogger阅读(2,515) 评论(2)

1、Threat Capabilities – More dangerous and easier to use
–password guessing –> self-replicating code –> password cracking
–expoiting known vulnerablities –> Back door –> scanners –>stealth diagnostics –>
packet forging/spoofing
–disabling audits –> hijacking sessions –>sniffers

2、Netowrk security is a continuous Process build around a security policy

Step1: Secure
—> Methods
— Authentication
— Encryption
— Firewalls
— Vulnerability patching

Step2: Monitor
— Vulnerablity scanners
— IDSs
Step3: Test
Step4: Improve

3、Network Security Policy
–” A formal statement of the rules by which people who are given access to
an organization’s technology and information assets must abide.”

4、What should the security policy contain?
— Statemnet of authority and scope ‘申明权利范围
— Acceptable use policy
— Identification and authentication policy
— Internet use policy
— Campus access policy
— Remote access policy
— Incident handling procedure

5、Netowrk Security Threats
— unstructured threats/structured threats/internal threats/external threats

6、 Four Primary Attack Categories
–Reconnaissance attacks/Access attacks/Denial of service attacks
/Worms,viruses,Trojan horses …

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